Pick & Do Your Way to Christmas Calendar

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Have you thought about doing an Advent Calendar but the thought of doing something every single day during the busiest season of the year stop you?

Are you thinking it is too late this year?

We have you covered with our Pick & Do Your Way to Christmas Board!

Select days your family is able to do a Pick & Do Activity. Place the card on that date on your board.

On the days when life is too hectic for an activity, kids can take turns selecting a Pick & Place Picture of Boots the Bear and Friends to attach to the board for that day.

The Pick & Do board helps you be intentional about activities & memories you want to make with your kids but takes away the stress of an activity each day or filling the need to catch up from days you were not able to do an activity.

Pick & Do Board
64 Pick & Do Activity Cards
Pick & Place Pictures of Boots the Bear & Friends (Laminated)
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