7 Steps to Raising a Food Explorer: A Parent's Guide eBook

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Feeding young children can be very challenging especially in the toddler years!

Check out the Table of Contents and take a sneak peak of the pages inside!

The 7 Steps to Raising a Food Explorer is developed with busy parents in mind! With the magazine style fashion, parents can easily learn through the 7 Steps to empower you with the knowledge to help decrease the stress and increase the enjoyment of meals with young children! Turn meal time from family food fights to a time to enjoy the meal together discussing everything but how much food to eat.

Learn what the difference between what is the parent's job vs what is the child's job with eating.

Learn what is the flavor window and what age children typically are in the flavor window.

Use the "Instead of This, Try This" to learn how to handle real-life situations with your children.

Total Pages = 100